Meet your 2022 speakers

04 Mayo 2022

Meet your 2022 speakers

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We can’t wait to welcome you to the 5th Global Conference on the Elimination of Child Labour! In Durban, our best speakers – with years of international experience – will share their perspectives and insights with Delegates ready to engage with critical and compelling solutions to end child labour.

This year, we’re especially excited to offer these talks to anyone who would like to join. The 5th Global Conference virtual sessions will include the full Agenda, unfolding in real time in the ICC.

Are you ready to get inspired to take action for children?

Leymah Gbowee

Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, Liberia

Session: Peace Laureates (Day 1)

Leymah was 17 years old when the Liberian civil war started and turned her, in her own words, “from a child into an adult in a matter of hours.” 

As the conflict raged, she became a young mother, trained as a social worker and trauma counselor, and worked with ex-child soldiers. She eventually became the head of the Women of Liberia Mass Action for Peace protests and led a delegation to Accra, where 200 women formed a human barricade to prevent the then-government and the rebel warlords from leaving the meeting hall until they reached a peace agreement.

Her legacy and impact on the world is immense - she is a hands-on activist and an inspiration to all. Tune in to hear from her directly.

Kailash Satyarthi

Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, India

Session title: Peace Laureates (Day 1)

Children’s rights activist Kailash Satyarthi was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for “focusing attention on the grave exploitation of children for financial gain.”

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Following the non-violent tradition of Indian independence leader Mahatma Gandhi, he gave up his career and his high-caste name to found the Save the Childhood Movement (BBA) and the GoodWeave organisation, which certifies carpet manufacturers who do not use child labour in their production. As of 2014, Satyarthi and his colleagues had freed 83,000 children from slavery.

His legacy is in the creation of the Global March against child labour and his role in inspiring the ILO convention protecting children against exploitation and hazardous work

Anousheh Karvar

Chair of Alliance 8.7

Session: Setting Global Priorities (Day 2)

Anousheh Karvar wears many hats: Delegate of the French Government to the ILO’s Governing Body; Labour and Employment Task Officer to the G7 and G20; and Chair of Alliance 8.7 - the global partnership against child labour, forced labour, human trafficking and modern slavery. She has been an essential part of France’s global response to child labour during COVID-19.

In the past, she worked as an audit, evaluation, and inspection officer for social, employment, and labour public policies. She served as the Head of Labour and Employment of the General Inspectorate from 2012 to 2015.

She is a passionate speaker with a PhD in History and Sociology of Science from the University of Paris - Denis Diderot / Ecole polytechnique. 

TW Nxesi

Minister of Employment and Labour of South Africa

Session: Setting Global Priorities (Day 2)

During the apartheid years, TW Nxesi was expelled from school several times for involvement in political activities. He has always been interested in how politics can be used for good.

That’s why he pursued a career in the field – after a stint teaching at a secondary school. From there, he moved on to the South African Democratic Teachers Union. 

He went on to serve as president of Education International and secretary of the National Education Union of South Africa; Deputy Minister of Rural Development and Land Reform of the Republic of South Africa; and Minister of Public Works of the Republic of South Africa. And, today, one of his top duties is to help children who are in child labour in South Africa.

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Join us!

The 5th Global Conference on the Elimination of Child Labour will take place in Durban, South Africa and online at from 15 to 20 May 2022.

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