María Jimena García Delgado

María Jimena García Delgado

María Jimena García Delgado

Director of Innovation and Digital Inclusion of the Ministry of Labour of Argentina

Coordinator of the teams of the Undersecretary of Inclusion Policies in the Labour World, which carries out policies for the eradication of child labour.

She has a degree in Human Resources, worked at the ILO and Unfpa and in recent years has worked as a professional specialized in international cooperation in IDB, UNDP and World Bank programs. She was part of the Argentine delegation to the G20.

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Vendredi 20 mai

12:30 13:30
Main stage
Session plénière

This important event will take up the main points that have been discussed during the conference and will embed them into the rich history of the Global Conferences on Child Labour. It will emphasize how we can learn from past experiences and strengthen collaboration to accelerate action to end child labour once and for all.