Thematic Panel 8 - Financing the elimination of child labour

Thematic Panel 8 - Financing the elimination of child labour

Thematic Panel
18 May
Second stage

This thematic panel will explore how to mobilize financial resources to make the generational investment required. Speakers will address topics such as securing domestic public resources, including how to leverage public spending in areas such as education and social protection for child labour elimination, international development cooperation, debt sustainability, domestic and international private business and finance, international trade as an engine for child labour elimination.

Panellists will discuss the critical question of how to improve access to credit and other financial services in affected communities, especially among women. The objective of the panel is to discuss the required mechanisms and framework to mobilize sustainable financing, and to improve coordination and strengthen partnerships between governments, social partners, development partners, international financial institutions and the private sector.

The Addis Ababa Action Agenda (AAAA) made an urgent call for aligning financing flows with the SDGs and is highly relevant to the elimination of child labour. It reiterated that countries have the primary responsibility for their economic and social development.

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