Anousheh Karvar

Anousheh KARVAR

Anousheh Karvar

Chair of Alliance 8.7

Anousheh KARVAR, born in 1961, is currently the French Government representative to the International Labour Organisation Governing Body and to the G7-G20 for Labour, Employment and Social Protection policies. She chairs, since June 2019, the Global Partnership against Child Labour, Forced Labour, Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery (Alliance 8.7).

She was appointed by the President of the French Republic Knight of the Légion d’Honneur in July 2021. She was formerly Deputy Director of the Minister of Labour’s cabinet (2016-2017), and Counsellor to the President of the French Parliament, in charge of social policies (2017-2018).

Sessions by Anousheh Karvar
Group Meeting Plenary Session Side Events Thematic Panel

Monday, 16 May

12:30 14:00
Main stage
Plenary session

The panel discusses child labour in the context of the deficits in decent work and youth employment, identify pressing global challenges, and identify priorities for the global community.

Wednesday, 18 May

12:30 14:15
Main stage
Thematic Panel

The event consists of the launch of the ILO and UNICEF report on Social Protection and Child Labour followed by a panel discussion and a subsequent plenary session.