Hani Mansourian

Hani Mansourian

Hani Mansourian

Co-Coordinator, Alliance for Child Protection in Humanitarian Action and Senior Coordinator, UNICEF

Hani Mansourian is the Coordinator for the Alliance for Child Protection in Humanitarian Action, on behalf of UNICEF. Hani has worked with children and refugee populations in development and humanitarian contexts since 2000. He has worked with local and international NGOs as well as several UN agencies. Hani has participated in child protection responses in over a dozen humanitarian contexts. Hani holds a Bachelor of Science in Engineering, a Masters's degree in International Affairs, and a Doctoral degree in Leadership in Global Health and Humanitarian Systems. In his spare time, Hani enjoys beekeeping, woodworking, and spending time with horses. He currently lives in Nairobi, Kenya with his family of four.

Sessions by Hani Mansourian
Group Meeting Plenary Session Side Events Thematic Panel

Tuesday, 17 May

12:30 14:15
Second stage
Thematic Panel

The panel discusses strategies to prevent child labour during/after a crisis, building on the ongoing humanitarian response and focusing specifically on children involved.