Ilboudo Dambina Salamata

 Ilboudo Dambina Salamata

Ilboudo Dambina Salamata

President, Tiligré Association of Women for Community Development, Burkina Faso

Ilboudo learned weaving from a group of women at the age of 15. She then decided to make it her main activity. This led to the creation in 2015 of a women’s group that will become an association in 2021. The activities of the association include handicraft weaving (manufacture of loincloths) from cotton yarn, dyeing, and saponification. The association is engaged in the training of children in these various professions. As part of the CLEAR Cotton project, the association supports the training of 5 girls aged 13 to 17, who are out of school and previously forced to work with children.  

Sessions by Ilboudo Dambina Salamata
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Tuesday, 17 May

11:15 12:15
Second stage
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The event will highlight the importance of skills development services and post-training support to improve livelihoods, making families less vulnerable to forced labour and child labour.