Kamasa Dorothy Azimi

picture of Kamasa Doroty Azimi

Kamasa Dorothy Azimi

Youth Advocate and Founder, Center for Women and Food Security, Ghana

Kamasa Dorothy Azimi is an Entomologist, a conservationist, and an agriculturist. Kamasa has over 7 years of experience in voluntarism, subsistence farming, food security, and community development. Kamasa is the founder and Executive Director at Centre for Women and Food Security-Ghana, focusing on advocating for food security and seeking to ensure the education, empowerment and engagement of rural women in agricultural value chains development. Prior to the founding of her organization, Kamasa was a community volunteer rendering voluntary agricultural extension services to rural communities where she taught them agricultural resources management and regenerative agricultural practices that helped rural women maximize farm yields to improve food security.

Sessions by Kamasa Dorothy Azimi
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Thursday, 19 May

12:30 14:15
Main stage
Thematic Panel

The panel gives voice to global, regional, national and local actors who are contributing to address child labour in agriculture in different subsectors.